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thorn in the foot [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
thorn in the foot

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damn politics and assumptions to hell top posted [Nov. 9th, 2029|02:38 pm]
thorn in the foot
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ok, in response to some statements that if i didnt HAPPEN to post about something, i am supporting it.....

I am not a newspaper.  i do not have a job to report on news, or anything, on a daily or regular basis.  i post when i feel like it, when i can get online, when i have something to say..... and often i end up making my statements (if any) in SOMEONE ELSE's BLOG.. because thats where the discussion was.  I do not have the ABILITY to post on all of the topics that deserve to be posted about.
more of the sameCollapse )
 i dont have enough hours in the day to say all the things that i DONT support,, that i DONT believe, and that i DONT think represent my point of view.  nor am i of the opinion that requiring people to expressly deny something that they never said they supported, is reasonable.

if you have ANY question about what i do, or do not, support.. just fcking ask me.

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ah yes, the anual Zombiepocolypse is starting early... [May. 29th, 2012|10:11 am]
thorn in the foot
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every year or two its the same thing.
"there are no zombies!!!!"
and every year the police and governments scramble to find ways of covering up the zombie attacks that make it into the news...


we have 4 confirmed cases in Miami this time... 4 naked growling biting men.. so of course it must be "junkies" or "homeless men" or "bad LSD" or something.

never mind that one of the top zombie studies containment units is located JUST outside of Miami.. blasted fools probably let the military talk them into participating in yet another attempt to "make a controlled weapon" out of it.
i wonder if there is anyone left alive at the lab.
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the factory food system [Jul. 26th, 2011|04:28 pm]
thorn in the foot
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the part one of this video is pretty tame, but well produced..

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BLITEOTW: serious breakthrough in understanding the Zombie outbreaks! [Jun. 13th, 2011|03:19 pm]
thorn in the foot
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after trying to figure out what on earth was going on, why dont people take better precautions after all we have learned, i finally have the answer (and the answer to why the CDC hasnt been answering most of my letters)

apparently the zombie virus can infect the living. it doesnt change them in to zombies, at least not soon.. but during the "active breeding phase" or outbreak cycle, the host becomes aggressive, and more prone to spread the virus.. however the virus COULD be spread at any time trough body fluids.

after death the infected will re - animate during this phase to spread the virus.. for so long as the body can be moved.

hyper infected hosts (high volume of virus) will essentially "zombify" in place.

after the breeding phase is over the living infected demonstrate short term memory loss, which is why they DONT REMEMBER previous outbreaks.

a handful of people appear to be immune or resistant to the virus.
~~~ end summary~~~

sadly many of the survivors of prior outbreaks are now infected.
which means that they are less than helpful right now

now, what can i add to this?

Severely infected living carriers are immensely attracted to/hostile to uninfected persons, as are the re-animated hosts. they attack them by preference.

moderately infected carriers are also attracted to uninfected humans, but usually in a sexual fashion.. (which also spreads the virus)

uninfected individuals can therefore be recognized because they are *attracting* the infected.
an uninfected individual can also easily bait the infected into traps.

The re-animated individuals, as i discussed last year, are easily killed by/injured by salt. they take FAR more damage from being shot with rock salt than normal shotgun pellets.. and now i know why... it disrupts the electromagnetic resonance that is the *communication band* of the virus....

this is why a line of salt will often stop the zombies.. they cant "hear" you across the salt. mind you, they also cant "hear you" across an EMF cage... but the salt will also injure them if it gets into their system, and most re-animates have injured feet anyway.

the down side is that infected living carriers will have no trouble seeing you, and crossing a line of salt to get to you.

extremely high salt levels in blood appear to prevent transmission under "casual" conditions.. but can be dangerous to the individual...as the levels of salt needed to ward off infection can be toxic.

An immediate treatment for a bite or blood splash may well prove to be what i was doing last year.. a extreme saline solution rinse/bath.

NOTE: in lab conditions, zombie blood was still showing active response after being treated with a dilute bleach solution. (similar to a weak bleach wash on surfaces) i suggest using a STRONG bleach solution to wash any spills,

in lab conditions a weak salt solution reduced activity dramatically, but full saturation solution of salt in water OBLITERATED all action in a test sample.
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mad science climate control [May. 26th, 2011|12:53 pm]
thorn in the foot
well, sort of..
if you think about it.. air conditioners are a very modern invention (as are refrigeration and freezers).  like all mad scientists i approve of anything that brings science home..
my home

while salty margaritas are a very excellent way to cool off, they dont mix well with trying to get your formulas right.. therefore we have installed the air conditioner for the year.
between the AC, the computers.. the industrial margarita machine and the rooftop lab, my electric bills are going rather high.. and there just isnt enough lightning to cover it.

thank you!
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finally a mad architect! [Apr. 28th, 2011|09:36 am]
thorn in the foot
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now THIS is a proper mad scientist or evil genius' house.  i love it!
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i need THIS muse [Mar. 23rd, 2011|06:41 pm]
thorn in the foot
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from lj user infintysquared ...

oh, fair warning. most of the comics other than this one are NOT work safe.
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a great political speech [Mar. 7th, 2011|08:51 am]
thorn in the foot
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The great inventors [Feb. 16th, 2011|12:04 pm]
thorn in the foot
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a brilliant family of inventors, who have nobel level achievements in physics, chemistry, and more....
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why Twilight is popular in certain demographics, a psychological explanation [Feb. 10th, 2011|01:13 pm]
thorn in the foot
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a fine scholar has published the mad psychology behind the Twilight Saga.

it should be published in Cracked dot com the mad science journals any day now.
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