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thorn in the foot
9 September 1966
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This is Fabric Dragon's other blog.. the one where she lets her cynical, snappish, occasionally surly side out to run off leash. While I may post about yarn, spinning or whatever, you can also get politics, rants, and general commentary on life... dont expect sales, dont expect patterns.

This is also where I try to work out some complex issues, and invite people to comment. That means helpful comments, sharing points of view, and otherwise being civil. You can disagree with me all you want, but if you are rude you are OUT. I really do want to hear commentary.. but I expect everyone to act like civil adults.

I have hot button topics. I try to warn people when they tread on my toes. Generally, if I warn you and you slip again after several ok posts, I assume you forgot, and warn you again. do it too many times and I moderate you or ban you.

I have learning disabilities. This means that I dont always spell words correctly, or use the exact word that I meant to use. If you don't understand something, ask.

I have the memory of a hyperactive ferret. I lose things. I do not remember what you posted last week, or your address, or the fact that you are allergic to chocolate. If I don't write it down it is history, which is one reason I have a blog.

I also have chronic health issues, but fortunately they are minor compared to what some of my friends deal with. It does mean I do not get online every day. I will go most weekends away from home, and unable to post, and then post three posts in one day. Some of my posts are long, but most are not.

while the fabricdragon blog is mostly public, I expect a lot more of this blog to be private.. we will see.

have fun, read me or don't, and remember:
they are watching, they are out to get you, it is as bad as it looks, maybe worse...
and you don't know the half of it.